Study In Ireland

Why Ireland ?

Ireland is an island nation located in Europe. It has a unique history, culture, beautiful environment and friendly population. The reasonable cost of living and the excellent opportunities offered by a robust education system make Ireland the ideal destination for international students.

Its special attractions have drawn over 35,000 international students from 161 countries in the last few years and the number is steadily growing. Some of the special attributes of Ireland that make it suitable for pursuing further studies are its excellent education system that provides for a vast number of courses available and ease of studying in a conducive environment.

There is the offer of post study work visa opportunity in a cost effective standard of living region that promotes an atmosphere for chasing various career opportunities.

Friendly people and a vibrant culture have the plus points of safety and easy travel locations added on. An exceptional attribute is the Social Security benefits on offer for the international students.

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    Visit the official university website:

    First and foremost, the primary step that must be taken to begin the application process in a University of your choice is to visit the official website of the university (mostly the application process is available in an online format). The online application process for a University is clearly given with easy instructions to follow. This is advisable when you are sure of your goals and are aware in which university you want to be in. Most online application processes will ask you to select your degree of choice and have ready all the documents that would be required for verification and administration

    • Copy of passport/visa (if available)
    • Academic transcript
    • Certificate of graduation
    • Certificate of English – IELTS/TOEFL/PTE Test/Other
    • Personal statement
    • Reference letters
    • CV (if applicable)
    • Confirmation of Enrolment
    • Evidence of tuition fees paid
    • Private Medical Insurance
    • Police Clearance Certificate

    360 College Review provides comprehensive admission services package for Diplomas, Bachelors, MBA, MS and PhD programs for meeting all your admissions requirements abroad.
    According to the type of admission package we help you in:

    • Profile : Evaluation and Enhancement
    • Identifying Referees : for exemplary referrals
    • Short Listing Universities/ Colleges for application : for 6 universities after detailed identifying and shortlisting process
    • Total Involvement : at every step
    • Preparation of application documents:
      • Statement of Purpose-Essential part of all international admissions
      • Letters of Recommendation – World-class referrals prepared for local referees
      • Application essays – Word pictures forming astute descriptions to promote the authenticity of the applicant
      • CV- Curriculum Vitae – Directed, concise projections of international applicants
    • Targeted Financial Planning– Focused approach for credibility and viability
    • Interview and training services for admission– Group and one-on-one sessions
    • VISA counselling services– Highly specialized
    • Value-added services – Education loan, saving money on score reporting, student insurance and rapid-paced communication and courier services.
    • Pre-departure orientation– A vital reinforcement step

    Each Application gets full-powered individual attention, focus and direction.