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We help student athletes get sports scholarships in top Universities in the USA ranging from 20% to 100%.

Team 360 College Review is passionate about helping student-athletes attain their full potential and dream goals. There is a large variety and wide range of services that we bring to you. We help you design a successful journey of achievement that every aspiring college athlete covets. We at 360 College Review are here to help you achieve your dream of playing and studying abroad. From athletic scholarships to showcases and innovative mentorship programs, you name it and we have got you covered! Every sportsperson revels in the thought that someone has their back and we at 360 College Review are looking after your best interests to enable you to achieve academic excellence through your field and track event.

Team 360 College Review strictly adheres to the belief that everyone has the potential to be great. We are equipped with all the essential tools you may need. Our innovative approach to student-athlete mentorship is fortified by a great network of NCAA coaches and international scouts. Our strength is the availability of reliable advisors throughout the recruiting process. We have the experience of working with athletes, coaches, and scouts from all over the world. Having arranged over 2,500 scholarships over the years, we are geared to help you get there too! We make sure that the athlete gets into a school where they will have access to a world-class education all the while playing their chosen sport which is their first love!

We Believe in You!

At 360 College Review, it is strongly believed that every applicant must be in a position to receive all the appropriate assistance for the development of his or her athletic talents and to build upon these talents so that their future is rooted in sound academic grounds. Team 360 College Review provides assistance to talented athletes to help them attain their ultimate goal of finding an appropriate scholarship for high schools, colleges, and universities in the USA, Canada and Europe. Whenever any international student-athlete decides to play high school or college sports, it is a well thought out, significant major decision. Each student-athlete faces a vast number of challenges in the quest for accessing the best possible offers from High Schools, Prep Academies or Colleges. These applicants need the benefits of the highest probability and the best expertise on offer. Therefore, 360 College Review provides athletes and their families with expert advisors who concertedly evaluate the situation, provide guidance, promote athletes to coach and negotiate for the best possible scholarship offers. It is at 360 College Review that we utilize our informed network of coaches and scouts to recommend athletes to schools and academies that are best suited matches for their needs and qualifications.


Academic Reputation

Admission to overseas universities is a highly competitive process and this is especially so for international students. For a larger majority of students, it is practical to find a quality institution where they will be academically accepted, rather than insisting on attending one of the top 50 universities in the United States. We at 360 College Review are concerned that rankings are not always based upon the factors that are probably very important for the applicant, therefore, we try to match the two amicably.

Athletic Reputation

As a prominent athlete you want to be playing your sport somewhere where the team is competitive and you can attain growth and development as a student-athlete. The division, conference and recent record of the sports team all provide a strong indication of this fact. We at 360 College Review meticulously check records to determine the proficiency of the team, the players, the coach and the various fund organizing opportunities.

Degree Options

In most American universities the athlete does not have to decide the major on initial enrolment. However, if it is already known that you want to study a particular subject then make sure that each of the universities you apply to has an accredited program in that particular area. Almost all universities offer popular majors, like business and IT, but if the applicant is interested in a more specialized field, such as archaeology, then it becomes important to check ahead.


The geographic region and location can prove to be highly influential. As you will be living there for some years it is necessary that where you choose to study should have a positive impact on your overall experience and your access to professional opportunities. We at 360 College Review are aware that while certain cities might not be famous in the well known college and sports circuit, they are known and established “college towns” that have relatively low cost of living but a high quality of life. Such ‘College towns’ are Lawrence, Kansas, and Wisconsin.


The climate and average temperatures tend to vary from geographic zone to zone and from country to country as well as from State to State. For example, Alaska has an average temperature of minus five in January while Florida it is 16. No doubt you may develop the capacity to acclimatize to the surroundings but we want to ensure that you are comfortable. You would naturally rather live in a warmer climate.


Each university has its own distinct atmosphere. The campus is a living breathing embodiment of the institution. It is important to choose the place that is the best fit for you. You may want to consider the different types of experiences you are looking for – an academically rigorous experience or more of a balance between your academic demands and extracurricular interests.


Tuition and fees rates can vary significantly from university to university. The cost of living can also differ from location to location. In fact some parts of a country are having a lower cost of living than others. Also, the funding available for international students can change drastically between institutions. Once we have mutually short listed the universities you can have a detailed scrutiny of the financial aid pages of the selected institutions website to see what forms of funding they have available.

Admission Rates

Research each school’s admission standards and how your record will measure up against them to see your probability of being admitted. Some of the top-tier U.S universities have an admission rate of 10%. It must be understood that most colleges and universities base their admissions decision on academic performance. While the scores on the standardized admissions tests are important the actual grades you may have from school are most significant.

Application Inclusions - Sports

  1. Access to online Athletes area.
  2. Contact 1000’s of collegiate coaches.
  3. Eligibility assessment.
  4. GPA Analysis and calculation.
  5. Online player profile.
  6. Active Athlete promotion to network of coaches.
  7. Match filming services.
  8. Scholarship negotiations.
  9. Eligibility center support.
  10. Guidance and Counseling for Visa
  11. Showcase events
  12. NCAA Strength and conditioning programme.
  13. Athlete nutrition programme.
  14. Assistance with creating eligibility account.
  15. Campus visit assistance
  16. Match Data Analysis support.

Application Inclusions - Academic

  1. A plan that aligns academic and extracurricular development.
  2. Helping in identifying addressing weaknesses in their academic and extracurricular profiles.
  3. Guidance determining the future college major through interest exploration.
  4. Assistance with International Summer School or summer sports training competition.
  5. Online Support for SAT/ACT preparation.
  6. A college list reflective of the student’s academic, sports and personal goals.
  7. Management of application materials, timelines and deadlines for all applications.
  8. Online support to prepare and write one of the two IELTS/TOEFL.
  9. Pre departure briefing to help make the journey a seamless and hassle-free experience.


  1. Development of Work Ethics and Leadership Skills.
  2. Lifelong Friendships and teammates.
  3. Academic resources and privledges.
  4. Access to more financial Assistance.
  5. Health and Wellness program and Gear.
  6. Competing against the best.
  7. Getting ready to play at a higher level.
  8. Access to high achieving coaches.
  9. Access to some of the finest training facilities.
  10. Access to result oriented training programs.
  11. Scholarship ranging between 20%till 100% in US universities.

Value Added Services

  1. Visa Guidance including Do’s and Don’ts of the Interview process.
  2. Assistance with Education loan.
  3. Saving money on Score Reporting.
  4. Assistance with Student insurance.
  5. Courier services at special price.
  6. Assistance with accommodation.
  7. Assistance with Air Tickets.
  8. Assistance with Travel Card.
  9. Assistance with meet and greet services in destination country.

Financial Exclusions

  1. All application fees
  2. Courier expenses
  3. Score reporting fee
  4. Test prep. & test fee for SAT/ACT/IELTS/TOEFL.
  5. All visa related fee
  6. Any other miscellaneous expenses

Some of the targeted Universities & Sports


All D-1, D-2, D-3 Universities & Sports

Men’s SportsWomen’s Sports
BaseballBeach Volleyball
Cross CountryBowling
FencingCross Country
GolfField Hockey
GymnasticsIce Hockey
Ice HockeyGolf
Swimming and DivingSoccer
Track and field (Indoor and Outdoor)Swimming and Diving
Water PoloTrack and field (Indoor and Outdoor)

Our Sports Counsellors

Head of Athletics

Paul graduated with an MBA (Law) and an LL.M in International Business Law but has a real passion for coaching athletes.

Head of Golf Recruitment

Warren turned professional in 1997 and is a Class AA, Level 3 Coach and also Head Coach to the Essex County girls.

Head of Volleyball

Rebecca played and studied at Loughborough University winning a championship during her time there.

Head of Soccer – USA

Matt Perry is the former Graduate Assistant, turned Assistant coach and Interim Head Coach of Life University Women’s Soccer Team.

Head of Men’s Soccer

James is a hugely experienced former US college athlete who has helped hundreds of athletes with their placement at US universities

Head of Women’s Soccer

Ellie played for our partners at AFC Sudbury prior to going out to America on a scholarship at Allen CC in Kansas.

Head of Field Hockey

Rob has represented Scotland at all age group levels and went on to win my first cap in 2018, scoring against USA.

Soccer Regional Scout

Dan has extensive experience working at the highest level of Football both in the UK and US.

Hockey Consulant

Neil has played and coached at the highest level in Scotland; including being assistant coach of the men’s U21 and U23 national team.

Soccer Regional Manager – USA

Millie recently graduated with a 4.0 GPA from Bellevue University where she made the CAC All-Tournament team.

Soccer Regional Manager

Matt is a hugely experienced US college recruitment specialist who has helped hundreds of athletes with their journey out to American universities.

Head of Women’s Golf

Vanessa attended the University of Alabama on a golf scholarship and left with a BSc in Sport and Fitness Management.

Soccer Regional Scout

Jemel is a UEFA B qualified coach who is currently head coach of the men’s first team at the University of Suffolk.

Golf Regional Manager

Andy heads up our US Golf Scholarships programme using his vast network of coaches to help find and place players.

Women’s Soccer Specialist USA

Hollie has played over 50 games at Oakland University (NCAA D1) all while keeping a 3.6 GPA.

Regional Scout

Paul is an ex professional footballer who had a highly successful career throughout Europe including spells at Cardiff City and Tranmere Rover.

Soccer Regional Scout

Dave has worked in the sports and education industries for over 18 years, including 11 years spent with Ipswich Town.

Head of Analysis

Jamie delivers data analysis to the football data collection department at 360 CR and helps increase the marketability of our athletes to American colleges.

Soccer Regional Manager

Josh is a hugely experienced former US college athlete and coach who has helped hundreds of athletes with their placement at US universities.

Soccer Regional Manager

Andy is a hugely experienced and highly respected figure in the game having played, coached and managed for over 20 years.

Head of Player Development

Tony is a professional coach and trainer who is passionate about helping people develop and achieve optimal performance.

Soccer Regional Manager

Steve has coached at the absolute highest level including roles at various professional clubs in the UK & America

Soccer Regional Scout

Steve has coached at the absolute highest level including roles at various professional clubs in the UK.

Soccer Regional Scout

Lois has played and coached at very high level and has excellent knowledge of the women’s game.

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