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Preparing for a High Degree of Competition

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree is the highest awarded academic qualification for most fields of study. In Canada and the United States, these  programs are extremely competitive because they are typically smaller than master’s programs and much smaller than the undergraduate degrees. The PhD programmes are highly coveted by both local and international students, indicating that a very high number of applicants desire admission but only a limited number of spots are available.

Further, the level of competition for a doctorate program admission varies dramatically in the vast variety of disciplines and programs as well as institutions. Because there are so many different fields that offer postgraduate study options, it can be difficult to calculate precisely how competitive PhD admissions are overall.

Our mission is to inform and educate you at the earliest. We help the candidates verify the admissions statistics for the specific school and programs they are interested in. We zero in on just how competitive these institutions are and ensure that you have all the requisite information well in advance. We help you prepare your application with proficiency and accuracy.



Getting into a PhD program entails careful planning with due allocation of time, and effort. Most schools want to admit those students who are likely to thrive academically and socially in their programs. Schools tend to have a list of requirements that the candidates need to fulfil before being considered for admission

Almost all PhD programs are very selective. They have extremely challenging minimum requirements. Most applicants find them quite hard to meet. Merely meeting the minimum requirements is just not enough to guarantee an assured spot in the program.


While most parts of the admissions process tend to look different, all PhD programs require the following basic essentials:

1. Competitive score on a graduate admissions test, like the GMAT or GRE

2. High GPA in Undergrad and/or graduate studies

3. Language certificates

4. Statement of Purpose (SOP)

5. Research Proposal

6. Letters of Recommendation (LOR)

7. Writing samples


Our trained admission professionals help students navigate the application process up to the stage of interviewing for several PhD programs. Depending on when you contact the 360 College Review we provide a wide range of committed services. Beginning with the application review, we look at your already completed application packet and provide feedback on the different components, to essay consulting where we help take you through it towards a more compelling admissions essay, or even interview coaching. The 360 College Review can offer all of the above and many more. Our ultimate aim is to help you maximize your chances of projecting your research interests to get you into the desired PhD program. Our Dedicated efforts are focussed  on.


Most PhD applicants don’t just decide to get a doctorate degree on a whim. One of the many reasons for this is the admission requirements of PhD programs as this can be quite daunting and most scholars are unable to fully understand the implications. For example, Canadian universities mandatorily require a Master’s degree. The letters of recommendation must be obtained from the correct sources and all relevant research experience already obtained must be highlighted.

Furthermore, you may need to prepare differently depending upon the field in which you want to conduct your research. Applicants intending on staying in academia must focus on getting published to build their profile. All applicants need to focus on their areas of interest which is where 360 College Review steps in to help and support. Students are usually unaware of the research or work experiences that are best suited to the PhD programs they aspire for. We at 360 College Review help you build that profile.

Applicants often feel that they can find much of the information online. It must be remembered that while the online information is no doubt beneficial it cannot be tailor made to your specific requirements. At 360 College Review we are dedicated to your needs for the general admission requirements for a PhD program. However, if you want to know whether your GRE score gives you a competitive edge then one of our PhD admission counsellors will sit with you to look over
your entire application and provide a more personal projection. The feedback and advice is based on what they see in your application.

We advise you to contact us early to enable us to help you plan for this process every step of the way and to set you up for success. In case you want to pursue an MD-PhD program in the future, we are here to help you figure out which clinical research experiences would look best on your CV to compliment your application.


The process of applying for the desired PhD program can become overwhelming if one has to go through it alone. Students often assume that if they can figure out how to get into grad school, they can easily do the same with getting into a Doctorate programs of their choice. This may be true for just a few students, but is not the case for most. It must be kept in mind that PhD programs are much smaller and, therefore, even more selective than graduate school
programs. It must be understood clearly that the process is very different from an application to a master's program. There is much more competition as seats for doctoral programs and research opportunities are highly specific and very less in number.

The PhD admissions process requires several different written components. These can be hard to get immediately if you do not have the right information. Many applicants struggle with the preparation of their admission essays like statements of intent or even the research interest statements.

 Team 360 College Review helps you prepare these application components. However, it is our mandate that we do not indulge in anything unethical, like writing your essays for you. Team 360 College Review gives you the tools and strategies required for writing a compelling statement. Thus, you will be preparing your application documents with the guidance of an expert who can help you edit and polish up your essay. Efforts will be made to ensure that you end up developing and improving your research and writing skills.


The interview is one of the most important steps in the admissions process for entering a PhD program. It is your chance to directly address the Admissions Committee. It is this opportunity that we at 360 College Review prepare you for. We show case your communication and interpersonal skills. We build up your confidence to enable you to convince them that you are the ideal candidate for their program.

Preparing for the Admissions Committee interviews is essential. Often candidates do not see the significance of preparing very thoroughly for the interview. It is easy for applicants to dismiss the need for preparation because they feel they have already gone though several academic and professional interviews. It must be borne in mind that these interviews are definitely different. PhD interviews include detailed questions about recent research topics in
your field, expectations from the ongoing post-graduate work as well as many other topics that are not likely to be discussed in any other interviews. It is therefore important that you adhere to the 360 College Review plan and framework for addressing these questions.

While many applicants have a strong academic record their interview skills are not up to the mark. We at 360 College Review work with the applicants to help them learn and pick up better answering strategies, interview etiquette, sounding confident, and self assured. We conduct mock interviews at 360 College Review we give you a chance to familiarize yourself with the setting up of interviews and practicing your answers in a near real-life experience that will be
more impactful.
Working with Team 360 College Review will teach you lifelong skills. They will equip you with tips and strategies for facing up to the questions specific to your specialization. We are here to teach you through sustained practice about the structure of the answers. Tricky, general questions like & quot ; Tell me about yourself " or & quot; What your greatest limitation is ?& quot; need specialized answers. These are popular questions that are a part of different interview formats. We equip you with the right tools to face the interview and succeed in your PhD application process.


Doctorate programs are cost prohibitive but students are always on the lookout for ways to supplement their income or obtaining funding that will alleviate some part of their financial burden Team 360 College Review helps you deal with this aspect. We can help applicants research, look for and avail themselves of various scholarship opportunities. We are constantly, searching for funding opportunities to facilitate our applicants. We can help you highlight your strengths to make you eligible for scholarships or financial aid opportunities. Team 360 College Review is your best bet to successfully entering an international doctoral program.

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