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Completing an art degree abroad can provide artistic inspiration from your new surroundings and a new cultural perspective. If you want to gain an arts degree abroad, we are here to help and guide you!

Obtaining a creative arts degree from a reputed international institution abroad is an opportunity of self-expression, of exploring and developing creative capabilities and pursuing a career one is truly passionate about. The creative arts is particularly diverse and varied field. The career options are mirrored by the large variety of degrees offered by specialist schools and universities around the world.

A degree in the creative arts allows you to explore how art and design are linked deeply with a people’s inherent culture. Most courses offer a background in all forms of art and design, spanning cultural divides but studying in a country you are particularly interested in can give you unparalleled access to materials like paintings, writing and sculpture. Team 360 College Review puts before you several scenarios wherein you can gain insights you had never even imagined could be possible due to your lack of exposure.

A wide range of creative art courses are available to express ones thoughts and creativity, like fine arts, music, photography and writing. The design courses such as fashion design, graphic design, fashion and textiles and even product design are available if you want to create functioning art and become a designer. In case you harbor the ambition to share your imagination with the world, then consider courses in production, theatre and stage management, illustration, animation and film production.


  •  Excellent observational, analytical and research skills
  •  Strong problem solving
  •  Ability to develop idea.
  •  Having the talent to collaborate with others
  •  Learn from healthy criticism and be objective about your art
  •  Opening up to new and exciting influences
  • Draw inspiration from a myriad of sources
  • Develop essential entrepreneurial skills for marketing and selling your work


Creative Arts and Design courses can all lead to very different careers so it is important to know which area of this industry you want to be a part of when you complete the course. Is it fashion to films that you would like to work in or would you like to work in advertising or web design. Perhaps you would like
to train in dance or acting. There are courses available in all areas of arts and design.

The arts degrees and design degrees are imparted at both universities and colleges. Some courses have higher entrance requirements which must be reflected in the applicant’s portfolio of work or audition to prove ability and commitment to study. This is the area of expertise where the 360College Review team adroitly stirs you through the various channels of approach and presentation for targeting a particular course. Our team enables you to apply your creative energy to the commercial sector.

Undergraduate creative arts and design degrees normally take three to four years of full-time study to compete and provide you with a strong knowledge base of your chosen subject. The course helps you to enhance practical skills within that discipline. The academic skills and knowledge acquired by studying a creative arts and design degree will be easily transferable even if you decide to work in different

Postgraduate creative arts and design courses usually take between one and three years of full time study to complete. Masters degrees are the most coveted in the creative arts and design fields and allow you to further your knowledge within specific fields of this industry. It also enhances your employability within that sector. This value addition is necessary for the applicant to obtain the fullest inputs of the opportunities available.


The main reason students choose to study creative arts abroad is to hone their creative abilities and become better artists. However, a creative art degree can offer so much more. Studying a creative art degree abroad provides students with opportunities to showcase their work as part of school-run exhibitions, giving them experience in creating and curating a series of works. The students get immensely valuable networking opportunities with accomplished artists and industry professionals which will potentially have a great impact on a student’s future career.

The location in which you choose to study art and design abroad is significant. If the industry that you wish to work in is predominantly in London, New York or Berlin, it would be beneficial for you to find a course in the appropriate country. This will help you to build up contacts within that city and will also provide you with a taste of the culture and life before starting a full-time job within the industry.

Whether it is the Creative Arts in the UK or the design degrees in Europe, Australia or the USA, the 360College Review team helps you through every step of the admissions process. We help you work on all angles of your portfolio to be the best fit for the university and the country desired besides finding the best scholarship opportunities for you.



A creative art degree can concentrate on a specific type of art, such as visual, decorative, or graphic arts. Your degree could specialize in one area, such as photography, painting, sculpture, or filmmaking, or it could include a variety of practices. If you enjoy art, some excellent college options are available for you. Top art colleges abroad can give you the tools to hone your skills and make a career from what you enjoy doing.

All the top arts colleges are forward-thinking, well-regarded institutions with constantly evolving curricula that keep up with changes in the art world. As a result of their alumni’s success, they have international recognition and strong reputations.

These universities provide a wide range of art majors that will lead to rewarding careers. They also have cutting-edge facilities that enable students to realize their visions, whether welding a massive metal sculpture or creating life-like 3D animations. Most of these colleges have digital arts programs because knowing how to create digital designs, and other art-making software is essential in today’s artistic landscape for students who want to turn their hobby into a career.

It is also important to consider how these schools will impact your life after college. Many offer to the students the opportunity to work as interns or in other professional development contexts while still in school, allowing them to gain experience and prepare for the job market.

Application Inclusions

  1. Guidance with profile Building.
  2. Guidance with Portfolio Requirements
  3. Guidance with Pre applications.
  4. Psychometric testing and career assessment to identify streams
  5. Expert counseling & assessment
  6. Admissions strategy and timeline
  7. Advise on AP subjects
  8. Online support to prepare and write SAT/ACT/ IELTS/TOEFL
  9. Assistance with International Summer School Program application
  10. Shortlisting of colleges/ universities
  11. Edits on SOPs , LORs , Essays & resume
  12. Assistance with filing of applications , financials & other supporting documents
  13. Admission interview prep
  14. Assistance in securing scholarships
  15. Visa guidance – complete process
  16. Help in finding accommodation
  17. Pre-Departure Briefing


Some of the creative arts students have been hired at a range of dynamic companies and organizations, including Carhartt, Dior, DreamWorks Animation, Hasbro, HBO, HOK, IBM, Peacock, Penguin Random House, NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. and Perkins Eastman.

Value Added Services

  1. Visa Guidance including Do’s and Don’ts of the Interview process.
  2. Assistance with Education loan.
  3. Saving money on Score Reporting.
  4. Assistance with Student insurance.
  5. Courier services at special price.
  6. Assistance with accommodation.
  7. Assistance with Air Tickets.
  8. Assistance with Travel Card.
  9. Assistance with meet and greet services in destination country.

Financial Exclusions

  1. All application fees
  2. Courier expenses
  3. Score reporting fee
  4. Test prep. & test fee for SAT/ACT/IELTS/TOEFL.
  5. All visa related fee
  6. Any other misc. expenses

Targeted Universities

1. Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)
2. School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC)
3. California Institute of the Arts (CalArts)
4. Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design
5. Parsons School of Design at The New School
6. Pratt Institute
7. Tisch School of Arts- NYU
8. The Julliard School
9. University of the Creative Arts
10. Royal College of Arts (RCA)
11. University of Oxford
12. OCAD University
13. Emily Carr University of Art & Design
14. The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD)
15. Glasgow School of Art

and many more….

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