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We have your back!

We understand that applicants at different stages of the admissions process require a wide variety of custom fitted services tailor made to their budgets and that is what we are offering you. Total handholding from the start till the end!

Whether it is applying for an Undergrad Degree, Masters’ degree, MBA or PhD, Team 360 College Review is ready to help you through all your needs.

The High-Value Premium and Super Premium Service

We are the ones who are your defenders, companions and champions. We stand by you and provide end to end seamless one-on-one mentorship. This means that you are always in touch with your admissions expert. You have phone access, unlimited email correspondence, we’ve got you covered. The Package you opt for and the choices you exercise – all are commands for us which we would love to fulfill for you. The focus of our approach is total commitment. We extend the greatest level of investment in terms of the availability, accessibility and support of Team  360 College Review.

Our experts put the interests of the applicant before all else. We carry you through the entire process. It is no little wonder that the feedback received from all our successful admissions cases are outpourings of gratitude and gushing thanksgiving. Our aim is to not only fulfill a contract but to build a lasting bond of confidence in our confidentiality and handholding as also a strong trust that is developed from the synergy of a dynamic effort that bears fruit and is a long term successful venture built around the fulfillment of your personal aims, goals and ambitions.

Our Strong Suit: A Targeted, Budget- Friendly Support System

We understand that budgetary constraints are a significant part of the admissions process and therefore we are totally sensitized towards them. We understand that there are times when one needs a little extra on a tight financial footing. We provide unique, tapered versions of the High Value services where the maximum output is derived without curtaining too many essential elements. At no point does the Team 360 Colleges Review tone down the services and essential parts of the entire process.

Our Specialty

With vast experience of dealing with innumerable successful applicants and knowing of a large number of educational institutions in India and abroad we are well versed in the admissions process and can therefore offer our sustained handholding to help you sail through, despite several hurdles and hiccups. We are at your side always as and when you need us – and that is our specialty.

Detailing our Priorities

  • We at 360 College Review understand the ins and outs of the admissions scenario. We are experienced enough to understand the patterns and act accordingly. It is never the same and one can never be smug and all-knowing because scenarios change from season to season.
  • Life skills are significant. The idea is to present the applicant with full support and the will to be able to stand up to any circumstances.
  • Practicality and Discipline are the hallmarks of our work.

100 Percent Success Turnout

The first step in the entire process is to repose utmost trust in each other and ensure that the total exercise is carried forward with a formal feeling of sincerity. The Team 360 College Review is fully equipped and ready to launch you into the realm of your dreams – come take the first step forward.

Here are some of our special features that we conduct with Honesty, Integrity and Devotion to your cause totally

Our Approach is Strategic

We help you find order in chaos. As your head buzzes with all forms of information, you try to cope with the mountain of information. Every year the educational institutions come up with all types of stages to be dwelt upon during the admissions and steps to be followed for successfully acing the college admissions process. We help you stay ahead and well informed.

All-in-One guidance package that is custom built to your specific needs

Our objective is to provide for you a specialized tailor made package to deal with all your entry level queries, needs and a sure shot methodology. Our holistic approach helps you in making their admissions decisions, so we feel it is important that our guidance align to that approach. We personalize the guidance for your explicit absorption. Our efforts are concentrated on ensuring that you are prepared on all fronts and are able to address all of the queries of the Admissions Officers to his highest expectations. The 360 College Review counselor will work with you one-on-one and take the time to get to know you thoroughly in terms of your special attributes, your particular strengths, interests, and dreams.

Admissions Ethics is a serious concern for us

Our entire approach rests on simple undisguised honesty. This is why we are favored by most institutions abroad. We never advocate disguise or fraudulent camouflaging of the truth. Instead we always encourage the wholesome truthful approach.

Paying minutest attention to detail

We ensure that every document is presented as a very well-written piece which adheres to the requirements of the institution. Whether it is the content or the word count we ensure that you follow all instructions of the letter. Each piece is meticulously gone over by the Team 360 College Review to ascertain that all instructions have been followed.

Evolving a Social Media Profile

The social media is a powerful projection of your personality and therefore it is essential that the online presence you project is cultivated to your greatest benefit in the admissions process. We work hard towards taking your plus points and presenting them in a manner that is both unshakably strong and attractive.

Preventing Errors Occurring in Online Submissions

While technological advancement has made the admissions process streamlined and easily attempted it must be understood that there is ample scope for the occurrence of mistakes. Lamentably, these errors tend to carry far; they leave indelible marks on the entire application. Team 360 College Review holds several mock sessions before ensuring that you are well prepared to finally put in your submission.

Considerations of Timing, Financial Need, And Other Factors

There are a number of factors that are beyond the control of the applicant and many a times there is no way to prepare for such circumstances. The experienced Team at 360 College Review has done its home-work well and can help you through most scenarios. Whenever you take the chance to apply- priority, take early action, early decision or even regular decision besides there are a number of considerations to be taken care of and paid heed to. The applicants need for financial aid is another such important consideration. All these need to be addressed singly or together as and when the need arises to ensure the process is smooth and successful for the applicant.

It is the astute and wary applicant who can take these considerations in his or her stride with the help of the 360 College Review Team. We help you overcome all odds to attain your goal.

Admissions Packages

Features Premium Admissions into Universities ranked from 51 till 150 worldwide Super Premium Admissions into the top 50 Universities worldwide
Psychometric testing and career assessment to identify streams Yes All features. Everything in this package is geared only towards the top 50 universities worldwide.
 Expert counseling & assessment Yes
 Admissions strategy and timeline Yes
 Advise on AP subjects Yes
 Advise to prepare and write SAT/ACT Yes
Online support to prepare and write IELTS/ TOEFL Yes
 Assistance with International Summer School Program application Yes
 Shortlisting of colleges/ universities Yes
Edits on SOPs 3
Edits on LORs 3
Edits on Essays 3
Edits on Resume 3
 Assistance with filing of applications , financials & other supporting documents Yes
 Admission interview prep Yes
 Assistance in securing scholarships Yes
 Visa guidance – complete process Yes
 Help in finding accommodation Yes
 Pre-Departure Briefing Yes

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Looking to study abroad but worried about the cost? Here’s Good news!

There’s a popular misconception that studying abroad can be very expensive for anyone to afford, but that’s not true at all!  There are thousands of scholarships for studying overseas that are just waiting for you!

Obtaining an international scholarship is a very difficult task. We assist you in understanding everything and familiarizing one with the complex procedures of getting a scholarship for studying abroad.  

Whether you need help with need-based or merit-based scholarships, external merit scholarship research and sourcing, or just want another set of eyes on your financial aid application prior to getting admission, 360 College Review are here to provide the help you need!


The Detailed Analysis of ‘Study Abroad Scholarships’

A scholarship for studying abroad entails the monetary award earned by exceptional students who can prove themselves and present themselves accordingly. The financial support given as a part of this may be applicable for paying tuition expenses, course books, as well as additional expenses like air travel expenses and payment for accommodation once you are at the destination on your plan.

Each scholarship requires a varying approach. It is for the student to understand what factors will  carry the maximum weight. Team 360 College Review steps in here to get involved in the process and guides the applicant through the entire process. Whether you have to apply separately for a scholarship or you have to submit your application along with the main documentation and also discovering the most suitable scholarship for your case are all points that we at 360 College Review have at our fingertips.

 The Variety of Scholarships Available for Studying Abroad

All scholarship categories have a number of specifications which the applicants needs to take cognizance of. Choosing the precise and most apt scholarship is no easy task. It requires judicious and wise yet rapid decision making!

Presented below are a number of scholarships of varying types which exist for applicants who wish to study abroad. Each of them needs thorough examination:

  • Scholarships Based on Merit: The outstanding and exceptional record of a student’s academic achievements, research orientation, sports skills or artistic abilities are considered for scholarships based on merit. These are considered as extra-curricular activities and have varying influence on the points considered for grant of a scholarship.
  • Scholarships Sponsored by the Country in Which you Wish to Pursue Education: There are several government sponsored websites or educational bodies of certain countries which award scholarships to students who plan to attend an educational course in a specific country. These awards are based on the students motivation level to study in that country. Team 360 College Review provides guidance to facilitate students in finding such options.
  • Scholarships Based on Background and Ethnicity: There are a number of scholarships which are awarded to students on the basis of their background and ethnicity like their race, gender, religion and medical history. Such scholarships aim at promoting equal opportunities for all. The most popular among these are minority based scholarships.
  • Scholarships Based on Subject of Specialization: There are scholarships which require an applicant to enroll for a subject-specific course while they are pursuing their educational goals abroad. The eligibility criteria for such a scholarship may vary from course to course. These scholarships are based on the applicant’s field of study or the subjects in which they major.
  • Scholarships Based on Specific Programs:  Several universities and colleges offer scholarships on the basis of their personal and academic achievements. The eligibility and qualification criteria may vary as per the requirements of the scholarship.


The Scholarship Sponsors –The Custodians

Scholarships are awarded by many organizations like schools, colleges, businesses, non-profit groups, individual patrons and philanthropists and government organizations to international students. Each scholarship is in recognition of a specific factor of a students’ life cycle and aims to motivate and inspire the international student towards a goal – this award may range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. As a student on foreign territory, every little input counts towards a wider horizon. Some scholarships are given to the student directly to cover their expenses and some are given directly to the institute of education as tuition fees so that the student does not have to incur that expense.

 The Support Team

The 360 College Review Team counsels students and counsels their families towards garnering  comprehensive financial aid which may also include university merit scholarship identification.

In addition, Team 360 College Review advises students on how to find and research about external funding sources. With the help of 360 College Review Application & Essay Mentors, we ensure that students are enabled to build strong scholarship applications.

We comprehend that each applicant and each application requires individualized treatment as it needs to be processed as a unique entity simply because every family’s needs are different. We stand by each applicant in their endeavor towards identifying financial aid and merit scholarship services like those enumerated below:

  • Assessing the Multiple Options
  • Developing an Academic Savings and Spending Strategy
  • Exploring Opportunities for Scholarship and Evaluating Education Loan Options
  • Evaluating the Eligibility Criteria for Need-Based Financial Aid
  • Negotiating Scholarship and Financial Aid Offers
  • Optimizing Payment Plans
  • Preparing Letters of Appeal for Financial Support
  • Repayment Strategies for Education Loan
  • Search Support for Private Scholarship
  • Saving for Further Studies and Future
  • Understanding the Need for Requirements of a Financial Aid Application


The Preparation of an Application for Scholarships to Study Abroad

All scholarship applications are different and need to be attended to minutely. Some applications need to be drafted with a fine-toothed comb and demand intense involvement, however, some applications get drafted so smoothly that it’s like running a hot knife going through butter. Either- ways, all applications have to follow a finely defined path and go through the aging cycle as required for each process. During the process of compiling the university application, one has to pay detailed attention to all the documents like the LOR, essays, SOP, etc.

Given below is the stepwise approach to be followed while applying for a scholarship to study overseas:

  1. Compile All Documents

– Do a thorough research and chose the country you want to study in

– Explore around for the scholarships you wish to apply for

– Collect and compile all your documents

– Prepare an academic transcript with the full history of your grades

– Request this transcript from your current school and all other education institutes you’ve been a part of.

– Your financial records: Your financial records will depend on how you’re financially supported at the moment. For example, if your parents support you, you’ll need information about their yearly salaries and income. If you’re independent, you need to provide your credit score and information about your income.


  1. Draft your resume

– Your resume is the most important document – thus, you have to prepare it yourself. Be familiar with every word you put on it. Every word should be relevant and relate to who you are as a person.

– Your resume needs to highlight your skills, academic achievements, experience and non-academic accomplishments. It is important that your curriculum vitae is attractive but it is even more important that it is true.

– Ensure that you keep it simple and succinct – limited to one page.

– Do not stress yourself if you don’t have extracurricular activities to write about. Scholarship committees are mostly interested to know about your passion and commitment.

– Emphasize on the fact that you are aware of what you want and you have put in all your efforts in that one direction only. This shows the seriousness of your intentions.


  1. Find Your References

– You have to list out your references in advance – this is highly significant.

– Make a list of your teachers, professors, non-academic staff and professionals with whom you’ve had a strong connection.

– If you have a work experience, list out previous employers, current employers, seniors and colleagues who valued your work, or even friends who can speak on your behalf.

– Inform all the persons whom you are listing as references, about the purpose of including their name and credential in your application. They may hear from your future institutes for a reference check. Give them considerable time to write out a thoughtful reference which will stand in your favor.

– Be thoughtful and plan the referencing step as you need a document which will support your credibility and worthiness.


  1. Write a unique essay for each application

–  Your personal essay is an original document and it has to be fresh every time. It may be framed along the same lines each time but it should not be identical. It is suggested that you chronicle the details as bullet points. So, varying them each time will be easier.

– The essay about you should be personal, inspiring and a well written essay that delineates your goals, dreams and passion.

– Your essay should briefly outline the pathway about how a scholarship will allow you to chase your passion and facilitate these goals and dreams.

– Be honest, direct and wrote with clarity. Do not use bombastic jargon and lose your content in rhetoric.

– Share your learning from your experiences and what made you choose this path and how this leads to your career path.

– Ensure that you follow all the rules and guidelines which have been provided.


The 360 College Review Research Scholar Program offers an innovative window of opportunity to prepare comprehensive interactive student-mentor continuum which is  a highly demanded  coveted opportunity to work one-on-one with a PhD mentor, providing research opportunities for high school students through an independently-developed research project.

This incredible initiative serves like a high school research internship like no other, offering students a firsthand look at university-level research approaches that will inform them of how they approach projects, studying materials, and quizzes and tests. The 360 College Review Team constantly endeavors to establish numerous research opportunities for high school students to prepare them assuredly for a bright future which they enter well prepared and mentored.

We at 360 College review specialize in providing state-of- the-art handholding to help the Research Scholar gain from our unique one-on-one mentorship to produce an independently-developed piece of research.  At 360 College Review the entire machinery is devoted towards making it simple to set up research opportunities for high school students.

In depth interactive sessions between you and our counsellors and experts would help you and consequently, help us serve you for attaining your goals and aspirations.

  • We help you garner enough information about your interests and inclinations and then help you expand these parameters of educational experience from the realm of schoolwork to horizons way beyond the highest attained by human kind.
  • We help you develop your skills to suit the internal research requirements of the institutions you are applying for. We at 360 College Review invite you to participate in our research scholar program for an exceptional experience.


Our Specialized Research Scholar Directed Services Highlights

  • The Researcher is given one to one mentorship sessions with another active Research Scholar
  • There are featured in 10 such one to one mentorship sessions to get over all forms of doubts, fears and apprehensions
  • Hand Holding for developing a college-level research project
  • Identifying and implementing the best practice for presenting the completed work either through publication, conference presentations, podcasts, apps, or editorials
  • Innovative inroads into addition of valuable inputs that enhance the overall content of the college application

The Research Scholar Program is a significant add-on being subject to student acceptance into the program.


The Need for formal, Structured, Empirical Research:

Input-1: Addition of impactful knowledge to the already vast resources of knowledge of the world.

Input-2: Provide state of the art expertise on various aspects of the subject and area of research.

Input-3: Establish a comfort level with potential demands of college-level research and writing.


Potential Fields of Research Targeted for Exploration and study

  • Students will be given wide exposure to areas of their research interest.
  • Students will be able to customize their own research topic through a number of  study sessions with experts and other researchers
  • Healthy sharing during discussions, brainstorming sessions will brighten and broad-base the applicants outlook.


Some Fields of Research where our Experts give regular guidance

  • Environmental Sciences
  • Social Sciences
  • Pure Sciences
  • Behavioural Sciences
  • Artificial Intelligence [AI]
  • Software Development Systems
  • Psychology
  • Civil, environmental, chemical engineering
  • Physics & Astrophysics
  • Organic and inorganic chemistry
  • Gender and education in global perspectives
  • Machine Learning
  • Behavioral Economics
  • Reproductive Politics

[This is but a concise delineation of the topics of research. Several comprehensive issues will be discussed first hand in the mentorship program]


Significance of Research Programs for High School Students

Catch them young is the motto at the 360 College Review. The novelty of the idea is to help students develop their research skills. It is a rare opportunity that provided dividends in the long term and prepares the applicant for a multifaceted journey into the future. Some of the immediate benefits are:

  • Confidence Building Exercises to boost morale and broaden outlook of applicant to face an international teaching/learning environment
  • Gaining knowledge and expertise on a number of topics.
  • Focus on concretized innovation and development
  • Expanding the mental horizons to accommodate the healthy curiosity, comprehension skills, as well as ideas and concepts of the applicant.
  • Provision of a thorough high school research program to help applicant smoothly go across the college admissions process, making the university acceptance.



A delightful pass time where one learns, enjoys and does introspection to see what improvements one requires and where is termed as Summer school. These instructive camps are held for a number of instructional yet brief courses that take place during school and university holidays. The durations of these courses may range between a few days to a few weeks. The camp participation is open to various age groups that may attend the summer camps simultaneously. Most of the prestigious colleges and universities tend to host a variety of summer school experiences that vary in range, content, cost, and duration.

You may choose to take up a course to develop your knowledge in a certain area you have already studied (e.g. English Literature), or you may choose something entirely new. Along with this, summer schools also help you to develop Critical Thinking, Leadership Skills, and University Preparation etc. Our summer school’s applications tutors can help you choose the right summer program.

Importance of Summer School in your life:

  • Summer school is an excellent opportunity to fill your holidays with exciting learning opportunities that include a host of extra-curricular activities ranging from the sporty to the cultural.
  • Gives you the opportunity to indulge in the different subjects you are most passionate about and decide if you should pursue it in the future.
  • Showcases one’s dedication and commitment to both the subject and the academic profile thus makingone’s curriculum vitae really worthwhile.
  • The CV or university applications can foreground your academic interests and skills.
  • Attending a summer school allows you to better understand what the university life entails and if it suits you
  • Prevents summer learning loss
  • Expands your horizons, allows you to meet new friends from around the world and gives you insight into how other students live and study
  • Helps you keep a routine while exploring a new city, making new friends, and experiencing life more independently. In short, a summer school course can offer a holistic learning experience where you can forge new friendships, develop skills and interests, and try out certain fun-filled non-academic activities.
  • If you are an international student, attending summer school can also be the perfect opportunity to develop your language skills


Applying to Summer School

Applications to a summer school may vary depending on the demands of the course. A fee is required to be paid, besides, sometimes one might be asked for additional information (especially for during/post-university summer schools) but primarily one is required to provide contact details and sign up via the appropriate website. Many organizations run excellent summer programs with an impressive range of courses, so it is worth researching widely to see what options are available throughout the year.


Team 360 College Reviews Conforms totally to your Aspirations

We understand that applying for university early or career at an early stage of one’s life can be a complicated and competitive process. Thus, we offer career coaching and advice for the young aspirants preparing for summer schools applications across all disciplines. We can support you throughout the process – from writing personal statements, preparing for interviews, and testing. Our counselors will guide you through the right summer courses and subjects. In offering this support we hope to boost your application and maximize your chances of securing your degree course or to build optimum knowledge outside of your main degree discipline.

Once an applicant has gained admission in a school and is not being able to come to terms with the rigors of the routine there, he/she is bound to feel overwhelmed of even trapped in a foreign land. This happens because academic life on foreign soils is a dynamic and yet demanding phase of life. Sometimes, a student may feel abject dismay to an extent that they wish to transfer to a new academic institute. This is not encouraged but in some cases where it is situationally relevant, Team 360 College Review steps in to help the applicant.

The Team is adept at searching for individually-tailored college transfer counseling for students applying to transfer from their colleges and universities. The Teams’ expertise shines through in the results they have achieved by way of helping students transfer to the schools which are a perfect fit for them.

So how does one come to know which school would be a perfect fit and not the nightmare they are already in…The Team 360 College Review helps them with this too! Team 360 College Review stands beside each applicant to help them craft a transfer plan and draft an earnest profile towards this end. The counsellors develop the application essays for such cases in a manner that carefully enlists the reasons why an applicant is transferring and presents an effective profile of this applicants strengths and qualities. This uniquely showcases how the applicant would actively contribute towards not only the academics but also the social obligations at the new school.

Requirement of a College Transfer

Students may sometimes wish to transfer their institute of education – the reasons for this are vast and range from practical to psychological. The journey through higher education is riddled with much trails and tribulations and as such students may wish to switch schools in-between.  This may not be simple, in  fact, there can be unprecedented consequences as transferring from a college or university to a more specific institute has its challenges.

Team 360 College Review handholds such applicants to primarily understand the reason as to why they want to transfer, what is it that they expect from their new school – academically and non-academically. How it will make a difference to them socially and financially and how this  will help them achieve their goals.

The Team 360 counsellors ask pertinent questions and if the answer is in the affirmative to any of these questions, then the counsellors consider the application for transfer and admission to another institute.

  • Has there been a change to the applicants academic interests and goals?
  • Has the experience on the campus been different from what was expected?
  • Is the academic curriculum at your present school too rigorous for you?
  • Is the academic course at your current school not challenging enough?
  • After completing the first year successfully at your current school, do you hope to gain an admission to a top school?
  • Do you wish to transfer from a two-year school to a four-year university regimen?
  • Do you feel that your current school is not a good financial fit?


Handholding of  Team 360 College Review  through the Transfer Application Process?

Each transfer application process is different and needs to be crafted to that applicants specific needs. Thus, the Team 360 College Review conducts a preliminary consult to be able to tailor each application accordingly. Due attention is given to the applicants goals, change in orientation, aligning the personal and professional goals and eventually helping the applicant  develop a plan to enable their success.


The Team 360 College Review provides consultation regarding:

  • Ascertaining whether a transfer would be the best option for the applicant
  • Outlining that students’ unique strengths to enable the transfer
  • Suggestion to pursue a suitable course at the current institution to smoothen out the transition to the new school for transfer
  • Plans to prepare for transfer at appropriate institute and in an appropriate course
  • Counselling to construct a worthy resume
  • Outlining, editing and proofreading essays and application material for transfer
  • Preparing the transfer student for their college interview
  • Processing and follow-up of application documentation and related timelines

Processing the Transfer Application and Essay Proof Reading Support

  • Enabling applicants to develop topics for school-specific essays
  • Insightful essay editing and advise for updating content after each draft
  • Brainstorming with the transfer students to help them craft a unique personal statement
  • Facilitating value added inputs like inclusion of activities and different experiences and effective proof reading
  • Providing professional guidance to the applicant on their transfer process

Transfer Admissions and Related FAQs

While deciding which transfer applications will be considered for admission, all the factors like grades, activities, essays and recommendations are taken into account. It is important to note that colleges are also considering their institutional requirements while filling their vacancies with transfer students. The Team 360 College Review counselors have a vast experience in evaluating transfer applications and making suitable decisions related to transfer admissions decisions. They are professionally equipped to identify how a transfer application will be evaluated and what an applicant can do in this regard and how they can make their application stand out. 

 – Different types of schools in which you can transfer

Students may select from any of the four-year institutions to process their transfer application like:

  • International Universities
  • Ivy League or Elite Universities
  • Public Universities
  • Private Colleges and Universities

Team 360 College Review helps the applicant in selecting the schools which are the best-fit schools depending on their academic goals and aspirations.

– Time requirement for processing  the transfer admission

The entire transfer admissions process may take anything between 3 to 6 months depending on the time from when an applicant decide to transfer. It also depends on how prepared is the applicant for this radical change, are they aware of the timelines vis-à-vis the application deadline etc. eam 360 College Review recommends that one should get started at the earliest so that the applicant has enough time to process the transfer admission and compile the required documentation.

– Possibility of Transferring credits of the current college courses

This depends completely on the school which you are currently attending and the school which you would like to attend. The applicant must do a thorough  research to find out how the credits will be transferred from the current school to the new school. Team 360 College Review, not only helps in processing the transfer admissions process but also helps applicants decide how this transfer admission will impact their educational journey.

 – What is the relevance of  ‘soft factors’ towards transfer admissions?

The ‘Soft Factors’ like essays, non-academic pursuits on campus like sports, extracurricular activities and letters of recommendation are very important for transfer admissions. These ‘soft factors’ help the admissions officers take a decision about determine how any student will align themselves to their campus life and how they will make a qualitative impact if they are admitted. It is important that a transfer applicant be academically sound and qualified enough to have a favorable chance at admission. Thus, performing well at current college courses is of prime importance. Team 360 College Review supports transfer applicants throughout each of the admissions process, from help with construction of the soft factors to supporting them in  improving their  “hard factors” like good academic grades. 

– Operational  deadlines for transferring to another college

Usually transfer application deadlines last form the spring for admission year to the next fall semester, but these deadlines may vary from institution to institution. An applicant may transfer at any point in their undergraduate career; but it is advisable to consider a  transfer after the first year. While making a transfer application strategy, it is important to do intensive research on the transfer application deadlines.

– Limit on the number of students seeking  transfer to other colleges  annually

Forbes research proposed the figure of  about 2.1 million college students applying for transfer from one institution to another during the 2020-21 school year.  Thus, transferring is a common part of the college experience. Team 360 College Review reassures each applicant that their case is one among millions and the counselors are equipped to guide them at every step of the way.

Team 360 college Review hopes that each applicant lands at a school/ college/ university where they will be successful and all their efforts are rewarded with satisfaction and happiness.

Getting a rejection letter should not be allowed to crush you. Instead, it should be taken as a learning experience. At the 360 College review we take you up at this juncture and then step by step deconstruct the entire process. The objective is to firstly, take you out of a possibly negative learning curve that may end up dashing your dreams altogether and secondly, we need you to bounce back as soon as possible so that we can help you reapply with confidence.

Our four-stage service is a totally constructive process for promoting a win-win situation. The consultants at 360 College Review will go over the entire admissions profile for highlighting areas of improvement. They will examine the previous application, and suggest a strategic plan to move forward and help you gain acceptance to your school of choice.

We help you pick up the threads and rediscover your confidence and energy to reapply or apply elsewhere. We stand by you, hold you up and even prepare you well enough to overcome all anticipated hurdles in the admissions process.


Addressing the rejection and moving on

Instead of wondering and moping over what could not be done it is our institutional approach that we roll up the sleeves and get to work on overcoming all hurdles.

There may be several reasons why the previous application was rejected but we do not dwell for long on that and move on to the next stage that requires a fresh approach to the application process.

The fresh application would entail:

  1. Ascertaining the suitability of the applicant to the academic threshold being applied for. All courses required are available and the degree to which the applicant is suitable to apply are all researched and studied thoroughly
  2. Preparing the applicant on the basis of grades, skills and image. We help you cover all bases with a rare dedication and sincerity of purpose.
  3. Completing the application in the minutest detail. Doubly checking and then re-checking to ensure that nothing has been overlooked nor any loose ends left untied.
  4. Meeting Deadlines by ensuring all relevant pieces of information required for the particular institution have been collected, collated and reported upon. The application should be airtight with all relevant queries answered and additional inputs given where required.
  5. Bridging the gap between dreams, aspirations and ‘best fit’ besides availability of requisite courseware.

At 360 College Review we equip every applicant with ‘Informed Choices’. When the applicant has an idea of what he or she wants, we work towards helping them attain their goals. We are meticulous with the application process and take you through every step of the way.

  1. No scope for errors: Nothing brings down the quality of the application as does the presence of errors and typographical mistakes.
  1. Ignorance and being ill-informed is no excuse for a below par application
  2. Honing inherent writing and composing skills: This is mandatory as the application goes through several levels of checks and measures.
  1. Tempering the Temperament: Aberrations of behavior can be easily picked up by the trained counselors supervising the admissions process and our counselors at 360 College Review are also well versed in picking up hints of behavioral problems. They can help in dealing with such situations and can make the passage of the applicant smooth and hassle free.
  1. When demand is greater than supply: Most institutions are eager to enroll the maximum number of applicants but they are overwhelmed by the deluge of applications every year and have to often reject applications despite the candidates fulfilling all conditions or even being ‘interesting’. The idea here is to be so good that one is hard to reject under any circumstances. Several institutions have confessed the need for diversity from academics to athletics.
  1. The Essay Winning Streak: Writing the concise, precise and yet interesting essay entails obtaining the personal narrative, aspirations, academic interests, as well as personality traits and value system of the applicant. Team 360 College Review is tuned in to your persona and can best help you put your thoughts onto paper for creating a well-directed and comprehensively drafted essay.

Now that You have been put on the Waiting List – Here is how we can help you

Have you been Wait Listed? Congrats as there is hope. The college admissions experts at 360 Colleges Review can help you work quickly and surely on your application to take it from the Waitlist to the Accepted list. This entails our Quartet Approach.

Being in limbo need not bring life to a standstill. We can help you change the wait-listed status.

Here is the Quartet Approach for waitlisted candidates

  • Review: Consultants examine your college application thoroughly to identify reasons for the wait listing.
  • Discussion Points: The contents of the waitlist letter are gone over with you via phone or Skype to understand the points of conflict.
  • Intense Redressal: Consultants analyse the content of your waitlisted material to ascertain possibilities of revision .
  • Innovative Ascertainment: Redefining the letter, checking clarity, style, grammar, word usage, and spelling.


Our Special Waitlist Services Team is focused on:

  • Putting together more reasons to admit you to your school of choice. The idea is to give themenough reasons to reconsider your wait-list position.
  • Successively address the concerns the school where admission has been sought may have raised.
  • Re-create the best fit between the school and your application.
  • Make optimum use of the time.


You need to Show your Sustained and Continued Interest – we will help you along

Advice is easy to come by. Everybody seems to have something to say. There’s so much advice floating around about waitlists and letters of continued interest. It is like the tale of the elephant and the five blind men. Each person has his or her perception.

Many a times the advice is being given by someone who in reality has no real idea nor has any first hand experience. We at the 360 College Review have had the pleasure of being at both the sides of the admissions desk. It is our endeavour to help you understand the thinking processes of the Admissions Officer of your chosen institution for further studies.


The Wait Listing Period holds several opportunities for you

Just imagine that the admissions officer has presented you with a window of opportunity to sharpen your approach. You can make yourself better equipped to be greatly acceptable. You can understand the urgency of the admissions officer to immediately fill up an available admissions entry with the most desirable and most suitable candidate. The idea is to rapidly close the vacancy without touching upon or unduly playing upon variables that may or may not depend upon the ideal admissions scenario for you.

Your dynamics, flexibility and agility of thought are what are going to help you succeed and we at 360 College Review are here to do the hand holding to the point of acceptance. The admissions officer must find it virtually impossible to ignore you. You have to shine bright enough to be in their eye all the time. You become their most suitable candidate.

You may not be aware but this is a very crucial time for the Admissions Offices as well. They have to meticulously examine the suitability of every candidate and when some have to be wait-listed they do not entertain candidates who are unable to present their case better. The Admissions Office refuses to bear the brunt of a candidate being lost to them. Every vacant seat for them is a prohibitive loss. Therefore, they are eager to obtain the most suitable candidate, at the earliest and yet at no dilution of quality and standards.

 Revenue generation is at the crux of the admissions and enrollment process. The Admissions Officer is responsible for ensuring that the institution’s financial goals are also being met through their recruitment and enrolling exercise. The one-point program is to fill up all the requisite seats and do so quickly with the most suitable candidates. Making you suitable enough is our job at 360 College Review.


Here are some commonly encountered facts for your information:

  1. Letters of Continued Interest are desired only by a hand full of colleges. We are aware of this and can help you approach accordingly. Most colleges give explicit details about what they do or do not want from you while you are waitlisted. It is a period of improving your chances.
  2. Several institutions discourage the sending of a ‘letter of continued interest’ as they are large and wide berthed and probably do not want to encourage a deluge of mail that they are already having a tough time handling. Thus, they very clearly advice against any approach at all. We at 360 College Review are totally aware of this and will guide you accordingly.
  3. Nevertheless, there is the small percentage of institutions that do want to know more about you and are willing to hear from you during the wait-listed period. It is here that we step in to guide you every step of the way. You will be asked to send a small write-up on your specific interests that suit the basic requirements of the institution that you are applying to. We help you put your best foot forward. Instead adding to the already submitted documents we will help you present your case in a manner that is all the more desirable for the institution where you may be seeking entry. The objective here is short precise and concise information provided with a fresh flavor and appeal. It is our specialty to understand your requirements and blend them with those of the institution and help you present them in the best possible way.
  4. We help you frame answers that present every desirable facet of your personality and aspirations. We bring you about to the point where you can pre-commit to enrolling – the point of no return where you are well into crossing the admissions levels and going on into enrollment. There are a number of hidden connotations to being pre-committed and wait-listed for more than one institution. We at 360 College Review take you through the finer points of all these systems. We help you understand the significance of being on a wait list of one or more than one institution. The fact that Pre-committing goes with the assumption that you would be willing to pay full fare, and that your decision does not depend on any other factors, like financial aid. We are here to ensure that you understand the ramifications of all the actions and counter-actions. We are here to make you aware of the finer aspects of the process and how best you can leverage your enrollment to the best advantage possible for yourself.
  5. Sharp Decision Making and Quick Responses. This wait listed period is for deep thinking and instantaneous decision making. The small window of opportunity to be made the most of and if all things are conducive the wait list status should be materialized into an enrollment status. Once a commitment is made the choice of joining and the likely time period is literally in our hands. Whether you join immediately or maybe in the next session is totally your prerogative.
  6. Letting Go. Once the decisions and choices are put in place all we need to do is follow through with information, preparedness and even getting what we set out to get within the requisite parameters and allied variables. There is always the possibility that there may be confirmed enrollments in more places than one. We help you eliminate the ones not closest to your objectives and aspirations and help you focus on the ones you absolutely need.

Premium Universities

  1. University at Buffalo (SUNY Buffalo)
  2. Rutgers University- New Brunswick
  3. Michigan State University
  4. Pennsylvania State University
  5. UC Davis
  6. Purdue University
  7. University of Illinois- Chicago
  8. Texas at Austin
  9. University of South Wales
  10. University of Washington-Seattle
  11. Simon Fraser University
  12. McGill University
  13. University of Calgary
  14. McMaster University
  15. University of Alberta
  16. Queensland University of Technology
  17. Curtin University
  18. University of Bristol
  19. University of Glasgow
  20. University of Birmingham

Super Premium Universities

  1. Harvard University
  2. Stanford University
  3. MIT
  4. UC- Berkeley
  5. John Hopkins University
  6. Boston University
  7. University of Southern California
  8. University of Oxford
  9. London School of Economics
  10. University College London
  11. King’s College London
  12. University of Edinburgh
  13. University of Toronto
  14. University of British Columbia
  15. University of Melbourne
  16. University of Sydney
  17. Monash University
  18. University of New South Wales Sydney
  19. National University of Singapore (NUS)
  20. Singapore Management University (SMU)
  21. Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
  22. HEC Paris
  23. INSEAD, France
  24. Erasmus University- Rotterdam

Happy Clients

Studying in a boarding school didn’t allow me too much time to work on my applications. I approached 360 College Review who took on the  responsibility to advise me on how to go about my skill and profile building. The team and especially Mr. Ajay Thiara the Founder of 360 CR helped me identify the best fit universities for me. They assisted me with crafting very high quality documents which saw me getting admitted into some of the finest and most competitive universities. I would recommend 360 College Review without a second thought.
Naunidha Singh

(Undergraduate in Computer Science) Northeastern University, Boston University, Virginia Tech.

My experience with the counsellors at 360 College Review was a most satisfying one. It was smooth sailing right from strengthening my profile, completing my documentation to getting an admit into my dream universities.360 College Review would be my go to admission counsellors. 


Neha Pal

(BS Mechanical Engineering) Purdue University

Since I had always set high standards for myself, therefore I was on the look out for an overseas education consulting firm which could match up. I was fortunate to find 360 College Review. The counsellors at 360 College Review worked very patiently with me. The total admission process was conducted in a very seamless manner with me getting admitted into some of the top universities. I have a lot to thank them for.


(BS Computer Science) Penn State, Northeastern, Rutgers, RIT (with $12000 scholarship per year), Virginia Tech

360 College Review helped me clear all my doubts regarding the stream and the country I should proceed to study in. Ms.      Sumali was always at hand to guide me and ensure that my documents were completed in the best possible manner well before the deadlines. I would recommend them unhesitatingly

Kavya Kaypee

Undecided major (Bachelors) York University

Happy Clients

Why our Clients are happy

My journey with 360 college review was a pleasant one. My guide Amrit was really helpful and very understanding. She guided me throughout the journey. I’m satisfied by the quality services and would highly recommend the aspiring students to get in touch with you.

Tarunpreet kaur


Yes’360 college Review is the best for me. I consult 360 College Review about my profile Harleen mam and Amrit mam gave me advice to apply in Niagara Collage for Jan2021 Intake. I just got my student visa. I would like to thank the whole team of 360 College Review. The whole team members are very supportive. They don’t force me to apply to low Ranked collage. I am very satisfied by your quality services and I recommend 360 College Review to my friends and family. 🙂 🙂



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